ambienti_territoriAgri Travel & Slow Travel Expo promotes and enhances the beauty of the rural world offers us together initiatives and tourism opportunities that the visitor can know and experience. But we have more: the keywords that guide the event AGRICULTURE, CULTURE, TOURISM and SUSTAINABILITY immediately reveal the great potential of the overall message of the event, aimed at enhancing not only the places, but also the protection and preservation of the same in a slow vision that embraces concepts such as well-being and life’s quality, essential linked to ecology, sustainability and biodiversity. For this reason, the event welcomes public, private, national and international entities, that are particularly representative of the commitment aimed at these objectives. Also this year, for example, it will be participating Eurogites, the European Federation of rural tourism, with a number of countries representative of rural Europe. Moreover this year, in addition to issues that occur every year, there will be some special focus such as accessible tourism, the Ways, environmental education, tourism marketing in protected areas, rural tourism junior and senior, etc.