bike-775799_1280Agri Travel & Slow Travel Expo it is configured as an opportunity to bring students of the elementary school to activities with themes of the exposition and which are in the event a declination centric keywords: Agriculture, Culture, Tourism and Sustainability.

With the presence of major National Parks, Gal (Local Action Groups), Agritourisms, Educational Farms and tourism operators in quality of the exhibitors, as well as institutions, organizations and associations active in the context of territorial promotion (developed through educational projects), the event it ranks as an appointment that can offer children attractions and experiences – in the form of games and educational workshops – of great educational value and emotional.


The initiative aims to respond concretely to the latest ministerial guidelines on the dialogue between schools and the productivity of the land, which in this case will be facilitate offering to students the opportunity to meet and interface with organizations working in the tourism, agriculture and the environment, in different ways for each kind of school. Teachers and secondary school students are required to actively participate at Agri Travel & Slow Travel Expo through the presentation of projects and in the course in the school curriculum and following training workshops on specific issues, as well as themed conferences conducted by leading representatives of public and private entities.
For information and reservations, contact the secretary office


There will be opportunities for knowledge and training for hobbyists, they address the workshop activities proposed by the representative of the typical handmade realities.