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Fiera dei Territori – Agritravel and Slow Travel Expo

Fiera di Bergamo from 16th to 18th february 2024

Fiera dei Territori – Agritravel and Slow Travel Expo (ATEST) is an international event that promotes slow, outdoor, active, sustainable tourism and the uniqueness and beauty of all those territories, national and international, offering destinations among nature, art, experiences, traditions and good food for tourists and professionals looking for authentic and emotional paths that increasingly manifest strong links with concepts such as quality of life, sustainability and environment.

If you are an operator, a company or an association that wants to promote the beauty of its territory, destination or tourist product-service and you recognize yourself in these types of tourism, Agri Travel and Slow Travel EXPO is an opportunity for you!

AREA B2B (for operators)
Friday 16th February

B2B AREA for operators in the sector (16th February 2024) who can have access to a rich program of conferences, workshops and inclusion in the B2B meeting agenda, which has always been a generator of profitable exchanges and discussions. During these days there will be a buyer-seller workshop in which numerous buyers will be present, including associations and intermediaries, tour operators, mainly from Italy, but also from other European and non-European countries. An important opportunity to keep contacts with the reference markets alive and develop fruitful collaborations in view of the restart of the new tourist seasons. Due to the health emergency, the meetings could take place through a specific platform.

Our B2B package includes:

AREA B2C (open to visitors and operators)
Friday 16th – 18th February 2024

Our B2C package includes:

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