Technical information and rules

The themes of the contest:

  • Country, Regional or Destination Videos (15 finalists)
    Present your country, region or destination as a whole to attract worldwide visitors.
  • Green and sustainable excellence (15 finalists)
    Examples for services or destinations that have implemented special actions to improve their sustainability and/or reduce environmental impacts.
  • Innovation and IT (10 finalists)
    How you use innovation, technology and IT tools for an enhanced and safe visitor experience.
  • Tourism for Inclusive Growth (UNWTO World Tourism Day topic 2021) (15 finalists)
    Services and initiatives that especially focus on inclusive growth, defined by UNWTO as the topic of the World Tourism Day 2021. Amongst others: community involvement, gender, accessibility.
  • Gastronomy and Eno-Tourism (10 finalists)
    Focus on how gastronomy and local food supply can enhance the visitor experience. We especially invite cases of Eno (wine) Tourism.

How it works:

  • Send us your video(s) through the online form at
    DEADLINE: 15th-September-2021
  • For each of the five themes, 10-15 videos will be selected as finalists for public broadcast on Monday 27th-September. All accepted candidates can participate in this selection, they will receive an invitation for a restricted vote from 15th-21st September (details will be communicated in the invitation).
  • Public ONLINE VOTE for the best video from finalists in each category during the online streaming on 27th-September.
  • After the event, all videos presented and accepted for the contest – even if not selected as finalist – can be viewed through an open YouTube channel playlist at least during one year. The same applies for playlists with the finalists per category, and the overall winners.

Technical requirements and rules

  • One entity or person may submit various videos to the same or different themes, but for each theme only one of them can be part of the finalist selection.
  • Video must be provided as YouTube Link, downloadable link from other platforms like Vimeo, or as file in MP4 through WeTransfer link or similar.
  • Format 1280 x 720 (16:9) or 1024 x 720 (4:3). Higher resolutions will be downsized.
  • Duration of videos: up to 2:30 (two minutes and thirty seconds). Videos that do not comply with this requirement will not be considered for the contest.
  • By providing a video link or file, you
    • Declare that you own the necessary Intellectual Property Rights to present a video for the contest (we may check to confirm this).
    • Authorize us to download, upload, rename, and publicly broadcast the respective video(s). We are not authorized to monetize your videos.
    • Accept the above procedures and rules.

For any further questions or comments, please contact