August 24th 1908, the local newspaper “L’Eco di Bergamo” speaks about many initiatives promoted for Saint Alessandro’s Day.

The journalist says: < < the city is decked with flags, Piazza Baroni is full of people, and on the Foro Boario the beautiful heifers bellow >>.

Pro Fiera board has inaugurated with solemnity the successful exhibitions about the domestic life, photos, drawings and pictures of the ancient city of Bergamo.

Giovanni Battista Frosio, the President of Pro Fiera Board, reminds that the aim of the Board is to increase the trade of the city.

In the courtyard of “Tre Passi” Palace there is a small exhibition of agricultural machines.

In 1920 and 1921 two important editions of the “Trade Fair” took place.

In 1920 the exhibition takes place at “Tre Passi” Palace with 61 exhibitors (manufacturers, artisans, dealers and farmers); the exhibition is also supported by many shows and concerts.

The year later, the number of exhibitors doubles and this time the exhibition takes place in the area called Foro Boario.

The history of the Trade Fair reaches a turning point only in 1979 when it begins its successful cycle with 24 editions at “Celadina” area.

Between 1979 and 2002 the Trade Fair of Bergamo finds its place in the neighbourhood called Celadina, exactly, in Borgo Palazzo Street.

On this area of 25 thousand sqm (5 thousand indoor and 20 thousand outdoor) exhibitions had been taking place for 25 days yearly.

Bergamo has an equipped area where to present its exhibitions

The first edition of the Trade Fair at Celadina wad held in 1979. It was organized by Ascom (the trader’s association of Bergamo) where 120 exhibitors took part with 200 stands.

The president of Ascom, Gino Villa, in that occasion, explained the aim of the initiative: < < in a period of crisis the industrial, the handicraft and the service fields want to show that is possible to face and overcome a crisis.

In the early eighties a regional law ordered the foundation of a special Body for the organization of fairs and events; for this reason on March 30th 1984, thanks to the initiative of Ascom, Ente Fiera Promoberg was founded.

During the first meeting on April 16th 1984, the president Emilio Zanetti outlined the mission of Promoberg.

Ente Fiera Promoberg is a non-profit body which  purpose is to promote and organize events and fairs, improving the economic, social and cultural growth of many fields.

In 1993 Ente Fiera Promoberg represents the whole economic and associative world of Bergamo and in 1994 Emilio Zanetti left the position to Ivan Rodeschini

The members of Ente Fiera Promoberg are:

ASCOM-Traders’ association

UNIONE INDUSTRIALI –manufacturers’ association

API – Manufacturers Association of small and medium size Enterprises

CNA– National Federation of  Handicraft  and Small Enterprises

A.C.E.B – Association of  Builder

CONFCOOPERATIVE -Italian cooperatives federation

COLDIRETTI– National Federation of Italian farmers

ASPAN– Association of  Bakers

Few years later the Lombardy Region, the Province of Bergamo, the Municipality of Bergamo and the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo joined the Board of Directors.

In the last years the limited capacity of Celadina’s area blocked the expansion of the exhibition: only 190 exhibitors could take part, when the requests were 450.

The Chamber of Commerce and Promoberg worked together to find an ideal location for the Exhibition Centre.

In the nineties the idea to create a permanent exhibition centre become even more urgent and in 1998 a new project for an Exhibition Centre was presented.

Bergamo Fiera Nuova Spa was created in 16th. Its aim was to build the Exhibition Centre of Bergamo. The idea was also strongly supported by the Lombardy Region.

Once built the Fair Centre, the management was entrusted with Promoberg.

In March 2002 Cesare Veneziani (mayor of Bergamo) lays the foundation stone of the Exhibition Centre of Bergamo. At the ceremony attended the President of Promoberg Ivan Rodeschini and the president of Bergamo Fiera Nuova Roberto Sestini.

The exciting new Fair of Bergamo was opened October 25th 2003.

TERRITORIAL TOURISM The web site is planned and realized by Ascom, in cooperation with Apt, the Chambre of Commerce, the Tourist Office of Bergamo and the Univesity that suggest a virtual tour of the city and the province, with information about hotels, restaurants, bars and cultural activities.

The web site is multilingual and is at the tourists disposal through a multimedial point at the International Airport of Orio al Serio. It is the web site of the Province of Bergamo. It gives all the historical and geographical information, even the ones about hotels, restaurants to make a nice visit in Bergamo. These web sites are realized by ASCOM Bergamo to promote the tourism and the commerce of the area.

Touristic itinerary with details, photographic journeys, restaurants, hotels, shops and typical bars are listed in order to allow everyone to find what they need.


These are web sites with information about Exhibition Centers or useful to find a lot of information using different criteria ( date, place, merchandise sector…)

INSTITUTIONAL WORLD These web site are the ones for the local institution of the area of Bergamo.

Via Lunga 24125 Bergamo
Tel. +39 035 32 30 911
Fax +39 035 32 30 910
Riferimenti GPS: Latitude 45° 41′ 1.88” N Longitude 9° 42′ 4.82” E

From the point of view of the environmental compatibility, the new exhibition center has a better impact on the urbanistic system. These conditions are guaranteed especially by the high-quality infrastructures and by the projects that want to give a better accessibility, both private and public, by car and by train, to the Exhibition Center: all this is possible tanks to the Highway system, underpasses, subway and thanks to the tram station, a project for the future.

The New Exhibition Center has a wonderful position:

– Only 2 km from the Highway A4 Milano-Venezia, connected trough a system of ring roads. There is a large parking with 1800 parking lots in front of the exhibition center.

– At 3 km from the exhibition center there is the International Airport of Orio al Serio – the third airport of the Lombardy Region after Malpensa and Linate, the fourth in Italy – connected to all the europeans capitals and cities. From the Airport of Orio al Serio the exhibition center is easily reachable. Even the two airports are close: Milano – Linate is 55 Km far and Milano – Malpensa is 75 Km far, Brescia –Montichiari is 60 Km far.

The project fot the new ring road (Est) will allow a direct connection with the center of Bergamo and it will be more easy even the connection with the valleys.

The main routes for Milan, Brescia, Como-Lecco, Crema, Soncino and the way for the Tonale Pass, allow to reach the Exhibition Center from all the near Provinces.

The new exhibition center is in the heart of the Lombardy Region : Milan is only 50 Km far, Brescia 46, Como 55, Torino 180, Bologna and Venezia 220.
The Airport of Orio al Serio is 10 minutes from the Exhibition Center, the Railway Station, the bus station. The city center is 20 minutes far and Città Alta at 30 minutes.

The Exhibition Center is connected to the city center, to the Railway station, to the bus station and the High city through several buses, but it is also connected with the Airport, Milan and the most important cities of the North Italy.