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Via Lunga – 24125 Bergamo
Tel. 0353230911 – Fax 0353230910
Riferimenti GPS:
Latitudine 45° 41′ 1.88” N
Longitudine 9° 42′ 4.82” E

Useful information
From the environmental point of view, the new Exhibition Centre allows a better impact on the total urban system. An efficient complex of infrastructures allows visitors to easily reach the exhibition centre. There are even some projects to have a more efficient accessibility both by car and by train: a West ring road, two underpasses and a future station of the tram.

The New Exhibition Center has a good position as regards the accessibility.

– Only 2 Km far from the Highway A4 Milano-Venezia, connected through a system of ring roads. At the Exhibition Center there is a wide parking of 1800 parking lots.

– Only 3 Km far from the Exhibition Center there is the International Airport of Orio al Serio – the 3rd airport of the Lombardy Region after Malpensa and Linate, the 4th at National level – connected to all the europeans countries with daily flights. The airport of Orio al Serio is easily reachable as well as the other two airports of Milano-Linate at 55 Km, Milano – Malpensa at 75 km, and Brescia – Montichiari at 60 km.

The project of the new ring road will allow a direct connection with the city center and it will be more easy even to reach the Valleys.

The provinces of Milano, Brescia, Como-Lecco, Crema, Soncino and the Tonale Pass are reached very easily.

The Bergamo Exhibition Center is in the heart of the Lombardy Region: Milano is 50 Km far, Brescia at 46 Km, Como at 55 Km, Torino at 180 Km, Bologna and Venezia at 220 Km.

As regards other transport structures the Airport of Orio al Serio is 10 minutes far from the exhibition center, the train station, the bus station and the city center at 20 minutes and the High City at 30 minutes. Different transport companies assure the connection with all these places.

The strategic system of airport, with the Milano-Orio al Serio airport 2 km far from the Bergamo Exhibition center, offer a wide range of connections and low-cost flights, that are a great advantage for the Italian and European operators that like travelling easily and without waist of time.

The Bergamo exhibition Center is near the Bergamo Highway, easily reachable in few minutes from Bergamo and Seriate exit of the Milano-Venezia Highway.

Fiera Bergamo is connected to the city center, to the train station, to the bus station and to the Airports of Orio al Serio, Milano, Brescia, Venezia, Trieste, Como and Piacenza, thanks to the buses of the “Azienda del Trasporto di Bergamo”, known as ATB, and other transport companies. Aeroporto: Tel. +39 035 31 45 45

The Bergamo Exhibition Center is closed to the ring rode, easily reachable in few minutes from the Highway Milano-Venezia exits of Bergamo and Seriate.