AGRI TRAVEL AND SLOW TRAVEL EXPO is an international event that aims to promote tourism in rural and natural areas, with stress on innovative resources that territories and companies bring at the local economy in a perspective of sustainable development processes.

The headquarters of the event will be Bergamo Exhibition Center, a modern structure with 13.000 square meters indoor for the exhibition area shared into two halls of 6.500 square meters each, organized and available with the efficiency and competence that characterizes Promoberg, the organizer of the event, with twenty years experience in events organization.

There are areas directly or potentially interested in this event that is designed both as a container for tourism offers (organized and qualified in agreement with updated territory marketing), as a “place” where build networks and collaborations. This exhibition aims to promote natural and cultural heritage of the involved areas, new life-styles, using of natural resources and awareness of good management practice (as recommended by the most authoritative international bodies of environmental protection and sustainable development field).