FOOD is one of the protagonists of Agri Travel & Slow Travel Expo, which first of all intends enhance activities and proposals linked to it, showing the many forms in which this element is on the market, among which are forms of creativity, art and design, today particularly popular among the leading exponents of economy and commerce related to catering.

red-417106_1280Agri Travel & Slow Travel Expo has the purpose to maximize the wide tourist offer of rural areas, where the excellence of typical products and their production activities, the nutritional education, the relationship between agriculture, environment and eco-tourism related to typical food are able to offer a wide showcase of our national territory. And there is also the specific intent to promote the idea of ​​a critical and conscious consumption through precise planning and educational programs.

The food, as announced by the great universal exhibition Expo2015, is a major player in the process of knowledge and deepening of the territories, which are closely connected to the “slow” logic. In addition, the new focus of the kitchen and nutrition, also dictated by the needs of consumers, on organic, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and gluten-free nutrition, provides an important context to talk about great issues related to the welfare and life’s quality, concepts that are very valuable about the rural tourism. So, go with the news:

styles of cuisine, dishes,
alternative methods of dishes presentation
and treatment in restaurants

these are the main ingredients of the menu offered at the SHOWCOOKING SPACE, where tradition blends with modernity and simplicity is mixed with creative ideas.